Frequently Asked Questions
Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Question 1. Why you, why now for this position? Explain why you are the person voters should give this position of leadership.


I’m running to drain the political swamp of Thousand Oaks. I’m running because nobody else has stepped up to the plate to speak truth about this corrupt swamp, or to try to challenge it, so I guess I’m the only one willing to do it.  The incumbent opponent has spearheaded and supported one disastrous fiasco after another.

We need new leadership and completely new ideas. We don’t need another career politician. I’m a patriotic American who has a bold vision for reducing your taxes, and reducing waste, fraud, and abuse of your tax dollars.  I want to fight against the corrupt practices of corporate cronyism and favoritism, and I want to expose and oppose government malfeasance wherever it can be found.

I’m an independent candidate who does not play party politics. Because of my independence and my passion for America’s founding principles, I am the person who, at this time, can clean up local government. I’m running on a unique platform. My platform is: Love and Liberty.

Question 2. What are the top 2 or 3 most pressing issues facing those in the position of service you are seeking? How, specifically, do you intend to help solve these problems?


a. Inflation and High Cost of Living – The reason for inflation and the reduction in our standard of living is excessive government spending.  We need to cut excessive local government spending, cut unnecessary and counter-productive regulations and red tape, and make our city less dependent on “grants” from the state and federal governments. This will allow us to REDUCE TAXES, REDUCE INFLATION, and IMPROVE our standard of living! You can learn more about my ideas about inflation solutions at:
Inflation Solutions Videos

b. High taxes  – High taxes destroy productivity and destroy the economy. We need to reduce taxes.  I have a bold plan to reduce your taxes. If we cannot convince the county or state to reduce the tax rates, we have the power to unilaterally reduce net taxes by saving money and then returning the saved money directly back to the taxpayer in the form of tax rebate checks or tax credits for local residents. 

c. Homelessness – Bad government policy is the root cause of the homeless problem. We need a completely different approach. Private faith-based and/or secular non-profit charities do a better job of helping homeless people than do taxpayer-funded programs and bureaucracies. I suggest we make it easy for private charities to THRIVE by offering significant tax credits to all residents who donate time and/or money to local private charities that provide services to feed, clothe, or otherwise help the homeless. You can learn more about my ideas about homelessness solutions at: 

 Homelessness Solutions Videos

Question 3. What else should voters know about you as a professional, public servant or everyday person before making their decision?


I am a lover of our country’s foundational principles: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is popular! Freedom brings people together! I’m running on a unique platform: Love and Liberty. “Empower the Folks in Thousand Oaks!” “Love to the Folks in Thousand Oaks!” I’m the only candidate in this race who wants to reduce your taxes, drain the corrupt swamp of city politics, and put more money and power into the hands of the individual taxpayers.